For years, we have wondered how we can solve the problem of powering our homes in an efficient renewable way. SOLAR POWER IS THE ANSWER. With today’s technology, reduced cost for systems and government incentives, it finally makes economic and practical sense to use solar power in your home.

How can I own a solar system today?

Pay upfront – With really fast payback and huge ROI, Complete Solar Solution is showing home owners how to eliminate their electricity bills and replace their utility company with clean, renewable solar energy.  Put your money to work for you by investing in your own home and investment as reliable as the sun coming up every morning.

ROI SunPower

Pay over time – We will help you arrange a no-cost loan to purchase your solar panels. Your payments are typically equal to what you are currently paying the utility company, but you get to collect a 30% tax credit. This typically means thousands of savings in the first year!