SunPower Panels are Engineered for performance

SunPower® delivers the highest-efficiency residential solar panels under the sun. SunPower solar cells capture more sunlight to generate more electricity, which means you save more over the life of your system.

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SunPower solar cells are built on a foundation of solid copper, making them virtually immune from the cracking and corrosion experienced by conventional solar panels.

Peace of mind guaranteed

Our experienced  installers ensure hassle-free installation every step of the way, from permitting to final connection to your local utility. We back our installed solar systems with a 25-year warranty on product workmanship and system performance.

About the SunPower® Dealer Network

SunPower solar energy installers are the most qualified and professional installers of residential solar systems in your community. Our team is trained to the highest standards in the industry. In fact, SunPower is the only solar panel manufacturer with an ISPQ-accredited technical training program, an international standard that ensures continuity, consistency and quality in the delivery of training. SunPower  inspected our installations since 2006 to ensure that we uphold the highest quality standards .