Solar Lease
a.    Advantages

i.    Zero or small upfront cost
ii.    No maintenance (what maintenance) or insurance
iii.    No rebate or incentive forms
iv.    Empowers clean energy company
v.    Instant savings
vi.    Fixed returns
vii.    Customer gets environmental benefits of solar without high cost

b.    Disadvantages

i.    Debt liability for next buyer or hefty contract breach penalties
ii.    Limited savings (6-15%) amount typically fixed
iii.    Give up local, federal incentives and SRECs
iv.    No equity in system
v.    Long term commitment usually 15 years

Solar Purchase
a.    Advantages

i.    Significant reduction in energy costs
1.    10-100% savings
2.    25-30 year system life
3.    Hedge against energy price inflation
ii.    Short payback period
1.    4-7 years
2.    After payback energy is essentially free
iii.    Value added to home
1.    Increase equity ($20 for every $1 decrease in energy costs)
2.    Makes home more marketable
iv.    Reap all rewards from federal and local governments
v.    Realize significant ROI
1.    Higher return as energy prices increase

b.    Disadvantages

i.    High upfront costs

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