First off, I am ecstatic with our decision to go solar and extremely happy and satisfied completely with the company (Aurora Energy) that we choose to work with.

Thoughts/research prior to final decision:

I had been researching this solar project for a very long time. In my research i had come to the conclusion that SunPower panels were the only panel that i wanted to purchase.   Their quality, warranty and efficiency is like none other.  They also had features such as internet monitoring that other manufactures did not have.  I not only spent a lot of time researching the product that i wanted but i also spent a lot of time calling around to different companies seeing which company was going to be a great company to work with.

Single Axis Solar Tracker Structure

I dealt with Mike Ryan of Aurora Energy and he could not have been more pleasant or more knowledgeable about the products, procedures and installation.   He spoke to me like i was a real person and that meant a lot to me. He didn't use the tone as if he was reading from a script as all of the other companies did to me.   Telling me things such as "i would be there show case house" that is a sales gimmick.  Mike let the product and the company sells itself.  He answered all of my questions honestly and believe it or not that is hard to come by when you deal with sales people.   They even took care of all the permits, planning, paper work and all.   I did not have to do anything but sign the contract and pay.

Kokosinski Tranch

There isn't anything they could have done better.  Also my dad whom lives in front of me also loved my research in the product and company i chose and he too decided to go solar.   The only difference is he got the e19 all black on his roof.

During installation:

Aurora Energy's men Alex and Lee were just wonderful to also work with.   Not only were they out there but also Mike Ryan was hands on with the project.  He was not just a sales rep that gets the job and passes you along.   He saw the entire project through making sure that everything ran smoothly.


Kokosinski Racking

The entire team at Aurora was absolutely wonderful.  I would walk out to say hi and there was never a mess, they are super organized.  Their work was beautiful and clean and their attitude was always pleasant.

After the project was complete:

I can't say enough how happy i am with my decision of SunPower product and Aurora Energy.  The entire process was explained to me from the beginning and all went as planned.    The keep me informed every step of the way.  As of today 5/1/13we have had solar connected or about a month and a half.   Our system has made 2,208 kW (made 2 SREC credits).  We have used in our house as electric 1,200 kW  which means that we have over produced about 1,000 kW (our meter is running backwards from where it started - day one 4/19/13 it read 5,211 and today 5/1/13 it reads 4,244).

Kokosinski Ground Mount
What more can I say, what more could you ask for?  We are very happy customers.  If anyone is reading this and wants to know more I would be more than happy to answer any questions.