"Sales, measure, order & deliver product, installation and follow-up adjustments of solar panels and system, including the internet monitoring. Submitted all paperwork for state $1,000 grant and SREC sales."

Eldersburg, MD 21784-1

4.33 kW Solar Installation in Eldersburg, Maryland (November 2011)

"They were very professional, knowledgeable, reliable, efficient, and helpful. Our recent electric bills were $0 - 40/month. We love being green, thanks to Aurora!"

Eldersburg, MD 21784-Rails

Micro Inverter Solar Installation in Eldersburg, Maryland (November 2012)

"We just completed our first year of solar energy totalling 234 kWh higher than estimated before we purchased!" (December 2013)

Cindy Smith Energy Production

Projected Production from the 4.33 kW PV Installation was 5.194 kWh
Measured Production was 5.428 kWh in 2013