Very pleased with top-notch installation job, system commissioning, and completion of numerous incentive forms.

Honda 2009

System Specifications:

Panels: 20 SunPower 230 W modules (4.6 kW)
Commission Date: October 28, 2009
Projected Production:  5,557 kWh annually
2011 Production: 5,693 kWh
2012 Production: 5,930 kWh

Production and Consumption 2011


Production and Consumption 2012

"BGE installed a Smart meter on my house last month, so now I can chart my electric usage. This graph shows my net daily electricity usage for the current billing period. What makes this graph so interesting is where the 0 kWh level is… most of the graph is below zero. So for this billing period, it looks like I will use less the 0 KWh of electricity for most of this billing period… cool."

Smart Meter Reading

 "Once a year in April, BGE does a “true-up” of my account where they pay me for any net kWh credits for the previous 12 months. For my April 2014 “true-up”, I had a net credit of 2,804 kWh for the previous 12 months. BGE paid me $255.08 for those credits, which turns out to be 9.097 cents per kWh… pretty cool."