Philippe P.
Wildoak Drive

I have thinking for a while (about 5 years) about solar energy, attended solar decathlon and other trade shows but was hesitant. A diner at new friends in our neighborhood who happened to have solar panels decided me. Some research lead me to believe that SunPower panels were the best in the US market.

BETHESDA, Pradel 1

Aurora Energy Solution is the local installer. Since I only believe what I can see and touch I asked to talk to some of their recent customers, to see existing residential installation and to spend some time with the technicians who were installing panels on a home. They accepted. Then came the evaluation of my roof structure and exposition. They modeled and produced a forecast of electrical energy generation which is after 13 months accurate at plus minus 1 percent. Amazing. !!! Commercially they are great: they take care of all the paperwork to help you collect the diverse incentives and permits.

BETHESDA, Pradel 3

The installation went smoothly: the same technicians I had already met worked on my roof and in my house.

BETHESDA, Pradel 4

They know what they are doing and they obviously did it right because as of today I did not need to call for service. However I have been calling or emailing Mike Ryan at  Aurora to refer my neighbors and friends who realize the benefits of solar energy and the painless contracting and installation.  Most importantly you develop a relationship with like minded people.

BETHESDA, Pradel 2
I forgot to mention the monitoring system: I can monitor the energy generation from myiPhone, iPad, PC and SunPower is always monitoring my system, as a result if there is any (unlikely) issue with the equipment Aurora will be notified immediately. After a while I stopped monitoring an left the photons alone do their job.