My experience turning to solar was a long and complicated one. I got many different quotes and even signed a contract with another company, but I ended up canceling the other contract and going with Aurora due to their very competitive quote and very honest and seemingly reliable salesman.

Baltimore 2

The other company I signed up for felt like I was buying a used car and not a solar PV system and the cost was almost double what I ended up paying with aurora. I am glad that I found Aurora, and went with them and I would recommend them to anyone else who is looking to do solar. They sub contracted out the electrical service upgrade, but the rest was all done by their people, who were all very nice and were very knowledgeable as to what they were doing.

Baltimore 1I will admit that Aurora took a little bit longer than they had expected for my installation because of some unforeseen circumstances in the company, but even with the extra couple of weeks they took, it was still well below the estimated installation schedule.

Baltimore Final I had received form most of the other companies I looked into. The whole process that I went through with Aurora was smooth and the salesman I worked left nothing to be desired. Overall Aurora is a great company, they don't mess around and play games with their pricing, and they do great work. I am very happy with my solar system.