April C.
Allview Dr.

Aurora Energy designed and installed a 8.6 kW system (33 solar panels with micro-inverters) linked into our BGE connection.  Also installed a 120 gallon velux solar hot water system.  Coordinated and worked directly alongside our roofer to install the new roof and solar systems simultaneously and smoothly.

Cropper PV and SWH

The experience was a good one.  I got 7 different estimates for our solar work and found Aurora to top all the others on price and on attention to my questions and concerns.  The salesman that we worked with had experience with the installation end of the company and so was able to address my questions about how things work without a run-around.

I also appreciated that Aurora took the time to get up on the roof and really assess my site before doing their estimate...many companies used old Google earth images to estimate what they thought would fit and what would get shade - without ever being at my house or seeing the reality of my trees and roof the others wanted me to sign contracts for big money installations.

They went back and forth with us several times on design to try to maximize the use of roof space and still address my concerns about being too close to the gutters for snow fall.  They handled all the permits needed to put the system in and gave me estimates on what my system should produce.

They also taught me how to get the most out of my solar hot water system.

I not only did solar- I asked Aurora to coordinate with my roofer to do a simultaneous roof and solar installation.  The day of the start of the project the roofers arrived  at 7am with about 20 guys and started tear-off.

By 9am the roofers had enough done that Aurora was able to join them on the roof and start working right next to them.  We literally had roofers tearing off old shingles, fixing underlayment, and then the solar guys following after installing footers to bare plywood before the roofers returned to tar paper and shingle.  Aurora put in three solar hot water units and then the roofers did the flashing around it.

Cropper PV Rails

At the end of the day the new roof was in place and all of the racking footers were in place and the shingling was done.  Because Aurora was able to work with the roofer they were able to work faster and more efficiently on the footer installation because they could visually see where the trusses were attached to the plywood while it was bare - but they didn't get in the way or slow down the roofers at all.

Working with the roofer also gave Aurora better access to low pitch attic areas (and with more light) as they were able to take advantage of the holes made by the repairs the roofers made as they replaced rotten boards.

Cropper Wholehouse

Despite never working together with this roofer before, everyone worked together well and seemed happy with the partnership and work quality at the end of the day.  There were no accidents, injuries or mistakes made despite there being 25+ men on my roof at one time.

We actually found the roofer through a suggestion from one of the other solar companies that gave us an estimate and after the first day working together our roofer took the time to come and tell me that he thought that Aurora was a good choice and that he was impressed with their work.

Our three inspections (building, plumbing for solar hot water, and electric) went smoothly and the meter is now running backwards part of every day.We feel good about the work, the price and the team we selected for this experience.

We highly recommend Aurora Energy to those looking to install residential solar panels.  Bring on the Sun!