Hank from Montgomery Village, MD 20886

April 15, 2014 -I have been interested in solar power for a while and had originally thought of going with one of the major suppliers through a leasing program.  I am so glad that I did a bit more research and found Aurora Energy and SunPower Solar systems.

Hank Solar Panels
Jason Brennan from Aurora came out to do my initial estimate and he was the only estimator that actually came out with instrumentation to determine true estimate of solar energy that my roof pitch and heading would receive.  Ideal heading is due south but mine was not far off of it so it was still within the acceptable range.  Jason developed a system and explained to me the upfront costs along with the available tax credits and state grants that would help defray these costs. He also helped me to calculate the total costs versus what I could expect to pay to Pepco and I soon realized that this system would end up paying for itself within 7-8 years.  With a 25 year warranty on the panels, I should realize a significant long term savings on my electrical costs.

Hank Solar PV
His crew always arrived on time and did their work in a very professional manner.  We had some delays due to the multiple snow days, but his guys were always back as soon as the snow had cleared sufficiently that they could safely work on the ceiling.  The installation went forward like clock work and I am very pleased with the final product.  Jason handled all of the permitting and the paperwork with both Pepco and the Maryland State Energy grant ($1000).  Aurora also has a relationship with Digital Federal Credit Union for an attractive, low rate (4.99%) financing so I didn’t have to come up with all costs out of pocket.

Hank Solar PV Rails
I was also impressed that near the end of the project the owner of the company came out to introduce himself and check on my satisfaction with the work.  Clearly, he is highly involved in the performance of his crews.

Solar Panel Installation
So if you are wondering how my electric bills are, my last bill was for $28.  The bill before that was $206.  My current usage for this month on Pepco’s website is a negative 205 Kw which means Pepco is going to pay me for the electricity I produce in excess of what I use.

Hank Solar Panel Installation
Overall, I am very please with Aurora’s performance and consider them to be a highly reputable company.