SolarEdge optimized storage solution

With the increasing incentives for self-consumption of solar power, SolarEdge is presenting its new power storage solution StorEdge™. The StorEdge™ solution leverages the SolarEdge optimization technology that allows homeowners to increase energy harvesting and enables them to store the PV power locally and consume it according to their own energy usage needs throughout the day, regardless of PV power production times.

Solar Edge Battery Pack

StorEdge™ includes a DC coupled charge controller and batteries operating at a fixed voltage and is controlled by the SolarEdge inverter which manages the various home energy usage profiles during the day.  The fixed voltage StorEdge™ solution maximizes both inverter efficiency and battery lifetime and can be retrofitted on top of existing PV installations. StorEdge™ will be available in 2014.

Solar Edge Operation

Great progress is being made with more compact, cost effective and efficient battery storage systems. These systems use lithium ion batteries because they are lighter (wall-mountable) and capable of many more charge-discharge cycles. Although still more expensive than lead acid batteries, volume manufacturing for the electric vehicle industry is spurring significant price reductions. In addition to new battery technology, these home storage systems also employ advanced electronics and software control systems to further reduce costs and increase functionality.

To many solar old-timers, the battery storage industry resembles the rooftop solar industry about 15 years ago. The demand is apparent, the technology is rapidly improving, costs are coming down and incentives are in place to help jump-start adoption.