We have been proudly serving the following Customer in Bethesda, Maryland since July 2007:

They repaired a screen mesh around the base of my solar panels that had been torn by heavy snow storms.  They did not charge for this service.

I chose Aurora Energy to install solar panels on my house roof after extensive research.  They are the one of the first solar installers in the Washington DC area and have extensive experience.  They were chosen to install solar panels on the White House and the Pentagon.

My experience with them has always been excellent.  They know their job, use the BEST panels available, and have the most experience. They explain everything as they go.  I would not even consider another company.

I have not paid for electricity since they installed my solar panels and I have a western exposure (not as good as a southern exposure) and older panels that are not as efficient as the new ones. I only pay about $7/month for the connection to the grid and I get a payment from Pepco each year for the excess electricity I produce and send back to the grid.  I have had any NO problems with the solar panels in the 6 years they have been on my roof.