The process of Solar Panel Installation involves four easy steps. It all starts with your phone call or form submission where we get your basic information and goals, then:

installation_process__pathfinder Site Evaluation - This is can be as simple as phone conversation or a visit to your home or property to see options for the panel layout on your roof or yard and a chance to get to know you and learn how we can best meet your needs.  We use the Solar Pathfinder to determine how much shading might occur at your specific site.
installation_process__evaluation Proposal Presentation - After the site visit, we go hard to work drawing up a system that is right for you. We will work with you so you understand exactly what to expect, from financial incentives to solar output, we'll propose a system most beneficial to you.
installation_process System Design - From here it is up to our engineers and technicians to design your system. From permit requirements to electrical schematics, we build your system on paper so there are no surprises come installation day. In addition to design, we also take care of all the necessary paperwork for financial incentives and utility interconnection so you don't go crazy sorting it all out. 
Installation - A typical installation will take 2-3 days depending on size and location. During this time you get to see the transformation of your home into a solar producing facility. After the installation is complete, one last performance check lets us know your system is ready to go for years to come. Your final paperwork is then signed and sent out, and you are ready to reap the benefits solar has to offer!

Our NABCEP certified solar professionals will be able offer good advice as to the best area of the home for the installation. It is true that a roof solar panel system may be the first choice, but other options will almost always exist. It is then left up to the preference of the home owner as to which type of system to choose.

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