September 1st, 2012 - Customer's report: Payback For Solar Systems

"I wanted to close the payback loop for our Solar Array for anybody that cares to read what we have done over the last year. If you’re not interested in Solar power discard this as it will be boring to you. I am available to answer any questions off line if you’re interested. Have a Sunny day cause my roof makes money for me when its sunny outside J Smiley on Oldfield

To Michael at Aurora Energy:


I have been counting the months to see where your life cycle cost calculator would tally versus real world results. So please let me summarize and let the readers draw their own conclusions.

Your payback calculator/program predicted that my 26 Sun Power array (6.24 KW) would return 7110 KWH of power produced for one year’s operation.

Today (this morning) I checked my Enphase program and it has recorded 7130 KWH produced 3 days shy of 365 of operation as we started up on Sept. 3 2011. What I also did last September was sign up for a Pepco Energy watchers plan which allows Pepco to shut down 2 of my 3 air conditioners anytime they want during high demand periods, this program has kicked back to us $180 of cash upfront rebates for signing on and $180 for the six months we participate in the program. So if you look at our Billings from Pepco please allow the $360 credit taken from June to October within this billing period.

So my Smart meter which was installed around September 14 th 2011 today read a total power draw from the grid of 10,362 KWH for the approx 12 months we have been in service. The Enphase monitoring system has also recorded 7130 KWH produced. So this power produced is power I did not buy from Pepco J

Now today I just received my second check for auctioned SERC’s sold and the 5 SERC’s which have been sold to date tally  $916.45, I have 2 SERC’s made within this 12 month cycle that will go to auction in the next quarter and since I have a contract that guarantees me the sale of these for the next three years at $180/SREC I should see another $360 check within 3 months. I have NOT counted these monies against this year’s pay back as they are monies not received within the 12 month billing cycle.

Now let’s assume it’s safe to say that the weather profile for this past 12 month billing cycle is very close to what we saw in the previous 12 month cycle, I know that Summer 2011 was very hot and its sure looks like summer 2012 has not disappointed either.

I paid Pepco from October 2010 through September 2011  =  $3,171.49

I paid Pepco from October 2011 through August 2012  (1 month shy of 12) = $1049.14 (am too excited to wait for that last bill which should be around $125 for around 1000KWH used this past August)

Savings are significant and my wife and I thank you and wanted to pass this information on to you so you can use with your potential future clients. I will go out on a limb and add $150 for August 2012 billing and say we will have paid $1200.00 (round off) to Pepco this year. This is a savings of $1971.00 and that buys you a whole heck of a lot of anything you want. I know you can make numbers look good anyway you want BUT these are real world values and we are very happy with the Aurora system installed. If you credit in the SREC’s sold to date we will have been out of pocket under $300 for PEPCO utilities this year.

I HATE PEPCO and after my $330 bill for July 2011 I vowed to do something about PEPCO and installing Solar panels was my best option. I think I am having a good chuckle at them now J Lastly in case anybody was wondering I did switch my heating system to a dual hybrid heat pump and back up gas furnace so we run more electric in the shoulder Winter/Spring months then gas for heating. This system was installed in 2010 and was not affecting the utility billings for the last 24 months. And my new Ford C Max 2013 hybrid automobile is due for deliver very soon, and yes that car will deliver 47 mpg combine city and highway driving. I love our carbon foot print and HATE big freaking utilities. Thanks Michael and please share with Farboze whom I lose his e-mail with my job change. Have a happy SUNNY weekend and thanks for a job well done."

Smiley El-Abd PE

Smiley and Karen

4408 Eldone Road Baltimore MD 21229