Suitable Site For Solar Panel

First consider how much sun your site receives. Your property should have clear, unobstructed access to the sun for most of the day, and through out the year. In our region, the sun is always in the southern half of the sky and is higher in the summer and lower in the winter.

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System Orientation

The best orientation for a PV system is  on a south-facing roof; however, roofs that face east or west may also be acceptable.


Flat roofs also work well for solar systems because the PV array can be mounted either flat on the roof facing the sky or on frames tilted toward the south at an optimal angle. If a rooftop cannot be used, your PV array can also be placed on the ground; either in a “fixed” mount or a “tracking” mount that follows the sun and orients the PV array to maximize the amount of electricity it generates. Other options (primarily for businesses) include using mounting structures that do double-duty by creating covered parking areas or window awnings.