January 2nd, 2014 - "Aurora Energy performed the installation of 28-Sunpower E20 solar panels as a ground mount system at my home in the backyard. In addition, they secured all the permits and were in person for all the inspections."


"They also installed 2 SunPower photovoltaic inverters and the  SunPower Energy Monitoring system which enables me to monitor the progress of the system over my phone and through any internet connection."

Two Inverters

"I am happy with my decision to afford Aurora Energy the opportunity to install my Solar panel system. After conducting research and meeting with a number of Solar providers, Aurora Energy separated itself from the other companies with its experience, customer service, honesty, and willingness to partner with me to make my goal of going solar become a reality. I had the opportunity to work with Jason Brennan and really appreciate his willingness to answer all my questions and help me decide on what worked best for my home. Alex who served as the Project Manager was very informative throughout  the process and his team worked very hard and fast to get the system installed. I also appreciate the fact that the owner of Aurora Energy made a personal stop by my home to ensure that I was satisfied with the services provided by Aurora Energy."

Lynch PM

"This company is "First Class,"and I am happy to answer any questions that anyone may have in relation to their services. Thank you Aurora Energy for helping me to become my own energy company:)"