12.21 kW installation located in Frederick, MD


  1. Feasibility Study –Site Analysis
  2. Load Calculations
  3. Life Cycle Cost Analysis
  4. Site Selection
  5. Comprehensive Design, Documentation, Construction
  6. Installation
  7. Commissioning and System Performance Validation
  8. Monitoring

Earth, Space, and Science Laboratory Building Integrated PVPROJECT DESCRIPTION:

The Earth Space & Science Laboratory Commercial solar is a 12.21 kW grid-tied electric system. Aurora Energy provided a turnkey solution including site analysis, engineering, design and installation for the project.

The system included the installation of 50 roof mounted solar modules, 24 wall mounted solar modules, 2 grid-tied inverters, a remote monitoring system, a weather station and utility interconnection.

The monitoring system is publicly available via the internet and displayed in the school lobby for educational purposes. The weather station monitors cell temperatures, ambient temperatures, irradiance and wind speeds.

Production System MonitorTITLE AND LOCATION:

Solar Array Feasibility Study and Installation, Frederick, MD

One Line Electrical DiagramPROJECT OWNER:

Frederick County Public Schools


June 2009

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