Ground mount solar systems can be extremely beneficial and efficient for many reasons. Many homes in Maryland lack a true south facing roof. With a ground mount system solar panels can be placed at true south precisely with an optimum angle to get every penny of your investment turned into viable clean energy. For those who want to produce a lot of power but lack the roof space necessary, a ground mount system is a perfect alternative.

For optimum performance of your system solar panels should face true south (not magnetic), be tilted to approximately 30° off horizontal, and have an unobstructed view of the southern sky. In our area, true south is at approximately 190° magnetic bearing. Any shading of the solar array should be avoided. Shadows (from wires, antennas, vegetation, and buildings) will significantly reduce the performance of specific photovoltaic modules within the array.

Haney 1

Shown Below is the backside of the 13.2 kW Ground Mount System installed in Cooksville, MD. This system utilizes power optimizers keeping the variable voltage out of the system and producing a flat consistent rate of power.


haney 2This is a very large array with 48 panels. Fitting 48 panels on a roof can often be a difficult task but with the right amount of space their are unlimited options for energy savings and energy production.

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